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Our "I AM LOVING" mala necklace is perfect for opening the root and heart chakras, helping the wearer to embody love. 

Hand strung on silk cord, with 108 high-grade, genuine, gemstone beads, including:

  • Rose Quartz 
  • Rhodonite 
  • Garnet
  • Clear Quartz
  • Silver Buddha Guru bead
  • Rudrashka beads
  • Silver Spaces
  • Colour co-ordinated, hand-made tassel

Pairs beautifully with our I AM Love bracelet stack (sold separately).

Gemstones and Properties:

Rose Quartz: the stone of universal love - restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. 

Garnet removes inhibitions and taboos. It opens the heart and bestows self-confidence. 

Black & Pink Rhodonite: stone of compassion - acts as an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and nurtures love. 

Black Obsidian: a very powerful protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity, blocking psychic attacks and absorbing negative energies from the environment. 

Clear Quartz: the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. 

Rudraksha Beads: Traditionally used for meditation malas, rudraksha brings in energy of tranquility, concentration and control over the mind. 


* Malas are hand-made, customizable and made to order. Please email: if you would like to discuss customizing a mala or to book a mala consultation. 


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